About Us

Our Mission

The Family Resource Center (FRC) is committed to the healthy development of children and families through a variety of parenting programs and services.

Our Vision
Our Vision

We believe that every family deserves support, education, and resources. We are committed to responding to the current and emerging needs of children and families.

Our History
Established 1977.

The entity that is now known as the Family Resource Center (FRC) was established in the Spring of 1977 as a pregnancy health hotline to meet the county’s need for expecting mothers and new mother education.

Shifting focus 1995.

Overtime as the needs of the community changed, we changed with it. The organization would shift away from being a pregnancy health hotline and focus on early childhood education. In 1995, the FRC increased access by expanding our services to include in-home education visits.

Connecting Families 1997.

In the year of 1997, the Connection Center was established at the FRC for the Department of Social Services and the Family Courts of Fond du Lac County. This new service would provide opportunities for parents and children to have supervised visitation outside of the Department of Social Services facilities.

SOAR to Achieve 2014.

In 2014, the Support Observe Achieve Read program was established at the FRC and would become a foundational piece to our parent educational programming. Contributing to the mission of no child left behind.

Unifying Families 2022 .

In 2022, the FRC began providing case-specific parent education for parents and families working towards reunification. Through established communication networks between social workers and FRC parent educators, we are able to meet goals and monitor progress.

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