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Our Mission & Vision

The Family Resource Center of Fond du Lac County, Inc. is dedicated to the healthy development of children and families through a variety of pregnancy and parenting programs. We are committed to the healthy growth and development of children and families. We are committed to responding to the current and emerging needs of children and families. We believe that every family deserves support, education, and resources. We will utilize our knowledgeable, team-orientated staff, as well as other partnerships and collaborations, in offering a holistic approach to improving the lives of all children and families.

Our History

Building strong families and stronger communities. The entity that is now known as the Family Resource Center (FRC) was established in 1997 as a pregnancy health hotline to meet the county’s needs for expecting mothers. And as the needs of the community changed, we changed with it. Overtime the center would shift into an early childhood education role and in 1995, we expanded our services to include in-home education visits. With in-home visitation the FRC was able to provide early childhood education across the county to families in the comfort of their own home, bringing our services to them. In 1977, the Connection Center was established at the FRC and would work closely with the Department of Social Services (DSS) and Family Courts of Fond du Lac County. This new service would provide opportunities for separated parents and children to have supervised visitation outside of DSS facilites. In 2014, the Support Observe Achieve Read (SOAR) program was estabilshed at the FRC and became a foundational piece of our parent education programing, working one-on-one with families and providing individualized plans to help ensure school readiness for children birth to 5. Our services have changed over the years and we have discontinued our preganacy hotline and in-home visitation. Today, the FRC operates across multiple fronts providing a diverse range of service to families and children.


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