Building strong families and stronger communities. The Family Resource Center was established in 1997 as a non-profit organization to help families in our community. We offer a “warm line” referral service where anyone can call or stop by to get answers and connected to community resources. Knowledgeable staff members provide information and make referrals to other county agencies when needed. We focus on two preventions based, education programs that promote literacy and offer classes and opportunities to become a volunteer.

Our Mission & Vision

The Family Resource Center of Fond du Lac County, Inc. is dedicated to the healthy development of children and families through a variety of pregnancy and parenting programs. We are committed to the healthy growth and development of children and families. We are committed to responding to the current and emerging needs of children and families. We believe that every family deserves support, education, and resources. We will utilize our knowledgeable, team-orientated staff, as well as other partnerships and collaborations, in offering a holistic approach to improving the lives of all children and families.