Distribution Center

Our distribution center is set up to meet the emergency needs of families and to provide basic aid to families and children living at or below the poverty line. The distribution center is dynamic and can adapt to meet the emerging needs of the community. Through the center, families have access to a wide range of aid. Our inventory of aid is maintained through community donations and FRC funds. These supplies include but are not limited to the following items below.


How do I get assistance from the distribution center?

Getting help is easy. For families to have access to a variety of aid offered by the distribution center, a parent just needs to fill out an in-take form at our location or receive our aid through another agency such as the Department of Public Health, the Department of Social Services, SSM Health, or any established non-profit organization. Individuals getting aid from the distribution center must have children or be due in two months.

Giving Shelves

Available to our families and their children are the “Giving Selves,” which consist of donations from the community. These shelves have a variety of aid and range throughout the year. Typically, these shelves hold books, food, baby food, educational activities, crafts, and seasonal items such as adult and children’s coats.

A greater degree of assistance…

Our distribution does carry larger child and infant supplies, and donated items such as pack-n-play, and strollers. This inventory varies throughout the year. Feel free to contact us about our inventory’s stock of a certain item.

For our families who meet our criteria for high crisis, we can also make referrals to different organizations, issue vouchers, and supply additional aid.


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