Parenting Classes

Positively interacting and playing with your child often while expressive enthusiasm and joy is the goal of parenting in a positive way. Join us to learn practical parenting tips you can use for every age and stage of life. We will explore the importance of providing clear boundaries and expectations for behavior using effective and positive discipline practices.

We will work with your schedule please email ( us or call us (920 – 923 -4110) with some time you are available through out the week. We are open between 11 am – 4 pm, Monday – Thursday, however, some of our staff are willing to meet outside these times and days.

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Addressing Challenging Behaviors

There are many reasons children misbehave. It is important to try to understand, because if you know the reason, they are having trouble with their behavior you are more likely to use the right intervention. In this class, parent educators will work with you to identify these behaviors and address them using a variety healthy methods.


Four Styles of Parenting

Parents play a significant role in molding the behavior and attitude of their children. The way they behave and talk with others shows the environment they are being raised and how their parents have brought them up. This class will examine different healthy styles of parenting, help you be your child’s most important teacher.


Terribly Two’s and Three’s

A child’s way of language can be spoken in different forms: screaming, kicking, and sassy talk are all normal ways for a young child to express themselves. In this class we will discuss the ways to interpret their behavior and redirect to healthier ways of communication. Parent educators will also discuss ways to distract and calm your child.


1-2-3 Magic

Learn how to discipline your child without putting stress on yourself. In this class you will learn simple cues to use in your home for better behavior and a variety of interventions. Parent educators will review various constructive and healthy, but effective discipline methods.


Routine Matters

This class teaches the importance of having a routine with your child. It focuses on finding your child’s natural pattern and setting a schedule based on these signs. Parent educators will work on the various ways to set up a routine for a child and how to help you child follow this routine.


Strengthening Families

This class is a 6 week course structured to your schedule and highly flexible. This class focuses on a variety of family dynamics from family time, routines, chores, making meals, hobbies, travel, co-parenting, blended families. You will collaborate with our parent educators to strengthen different aspects of your families.


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