Programs & Services


The Family Resource Center of Fond du Lac County Inc. (FRC) operates as three businesses in one.


Distribution Center

Families that sign up with our distribution center are able access a wide range of aid to meet the needs of their children. Our distribution center is equipped to help families in poverty and with emerging needs.

Parent Education

We offer a variety of parenting classes addressing healthy parenting, trauma, mental and physical health. Our parent educators will work one-on-one with families and provide an individualized approach. Our classes are offered year-round and work to your schedule and can be conducted over Zoom or in-person.

Support Observe Achieve Read (SOAR)

All families with children from birth to five years of age are welcome to join our signature SOAR program and create a strong foundation for their children’s future. Parent educators will work one on one with families to provide additional aid and educate parents on the social, emotional, and academic developmental milestones of their child(ren).

Connection Center

Referred only from Department of Social Services and the Family Courts of Fond du Lac County, we offer supervised visitation in a safe and neutral setting for families whose children are currently placed in out-of-home care. Additionally, the Family Resource Center also holds respite care for foster children and court-order classes for children going through separation and divorce.

Resource Guide

We offer a “warm line” referral service where anyone can call or stop by to get answers and connected to community resources. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff provides information, works with our community partners, and make referrals to other county agencies when needed.