Fond du Lac Community Christmas Success Story

The Family Resource Center opened a Christmas distribution as a safety net for the county of Fond du Lac. And a safety net it was. The distribution was opened between December 5th – 23rd and multiple families were referred to us by various organizations. Most of the referrals were similar, a parent had missed the deadline for Toys for Tots and did not have the funds to get gifts. Many of the families served by the distribution live pay check to pay check and do not have the financial flexibility to get gifts given the ecomomic climate. The distribution was designed to have flexible pick up times that specifically cater to families schedules. Toys were donated throughout the year by charitable individuals and organizations. The toys themselves were wrapped by the Campus Ministry Club from Marian University.

  • A total of 655 gifts were given (303 large toys & 352 small toys / stocking stuffers)
  • A total of 40 families were served by the Christmas distribution.
  • A total of 107 children with Christmas presents