Ways to Support

The Family Resource Center relies on donations to help families and children in need. In the past five years, we have served over 800 families and about 2000 children in the Fond du Lac County. We are committed to responding to the current and emerging needs of children and families. As a community, the Family Resource Center believes together we can support families and children who find themselves in crisis by aiding them in accessing basic necessities that every child deserves.

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Make a Donation.

The distribution center is made possible by donations from the community and the Family Resource Center’s own funds. The great thing about donating to the Family Resource Center is that materials donated go directly to helping parents and children living in poverty or homeless. Our organization has worked with vunerable populations for over 30 years developing a strong connection and relationship with these populations within the community. All materials given out to families is free of charge and we do not profit off our distribution. Please know that we are always accepting donations of items not listed below. Please give us a call at (920) 929-4110 to see if we can accept it.

We are always accepting donations of:


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Become a Sponsor.

Whether your a business, club organization, or community member consider making a monetary donation to the Family Resource Center. Sponors are added to our sponsor’s webpage and added to various FRC outreach materials including brochures and annual reports. If you are interested in making a donation please contact us via phone or email.

Make a Difference.

Whether your looking to volunteer individually, in pairs, or small groups, the Family Resource Center has a variety of projects and services that serve the non-profit and the families and children associated with our organization. Consider becoming a helping hand within the community with valuable perspective-building community service.


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